Monday, December 14, 2015

Lake Erie

(Pictures found here)
Dave Sandford has always been drawn to the water. He recently spent time on Lake Erie shooting the Great Lake’s turbulent fall season. His goal was to capture the exact moment when lake waves driven by gusting winds collide with a rebound wave that’s created when the water hits a pier and collection of boulders on the shore.

“The best way I can describe the water is it’s like a washing machine. It’s not like ocean waves, where you have a nice set that’s rolling in. They are really erratic, they go all over the place, and there is a strong undertow there so it can be a very dangerous place.”

“I’ve had a number of people contact me that used to live by the Great Lakes …. and they said the photos really stirred something inside them because they grew up there and know what the water can be like.”

“I’m hearing from other people that are blown away. They say, ‘This can’t be a lake, it’s got to be an ocean.’ They had no idea that a lake could generate waves of this size and force.”

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