Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A couple from Aloysius Roche

“Indeed, it is the undisciplined passion that is weak -- so weak that it is short-lived as a rule. No man is a greater stranger to love than the libertine. ‘The real thing does not exist,’ such people say. Certainly it does not and cannot for them.”

“To shrink from suffering is to suffer twofold. None feel the cold so much as those who go shivering at the very thought of the cold. Timidity and an overnourished imagination are real sources of suffering. To look our trials steadily in the face, to strip them of their false and exaggerated colors, is to diminish their torments by at least one-half. The saints were brave in this sense, and to this extent they suffered less than we; but they suffered.”

~Aloysius Roche

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