Thursday, July 7, 2016

Hosea 11:1-4, 8c-9

Thus says the LORD:
   When Israel was a child I loved him,
out of Egypt I called my son.
   The more I called them,
the farther they went from me,
   Sacrificing to the Baals
and burning incense to idols.
   Yet it was I who taught Ephraim to walk,
who took them in my arms;
   I drew them with human cords,
with bands of love;
   I fostered them like one
who raises an infant to his cheeks;
   Yet, though I stooped to feed my child,
they did not know that I was their healer.

My heart is overwhelmed,
   my pity is stirred.
I will not give vent to my blazing anger,
   I will not destroy Ephraim again;
For I am God and not man,
   the Holy One present among you;
I will not let the flames consume you.

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