Friday, August 12, 2016


“I am out of bed at two-fifteen in the morning, when the night is darkest and most silent. ... I find myself in the primordial lostness of night, solitude, forest, peace, a mind awake in the dark, looking for a light, not totally reconciled to being out of bed. A light appears, and in the light an ikon. There is now in the large darkness a small room of radiance with psalms in it. The psalms grow up silently by themselves without effort like plants in this light which is favorable to them. The plants hold themselves up on stems which have a single consistency, that of mercy, or rather great mercy. Magna misericordia. In the formlessness of night and silence a word then pronounces itself: Mercy.”
~Thomas Merton (from Day of a Stranger - this is Merton describing a day in his life at the hermitage)

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