Friday, November 18, 2016


“Let us consider ourselves an exhausted traveler, panting for breath and parched with thirst, looking for a cool spring. At last, I see one, but it is on a high, steep rock. I thirst. The more I look at that spring, which would so refresh me as to enable me to continue my journey, the more I yearn to quench my increasing thirst. I will, cost what it may, reach that spring; and I make every effort, but all in vain. But, there is someone near, who seems to be awaiting my request for help, in order to help me. He even carries me in the steepest places, and after a few minutes, I am able to quench my thirst. In like manner, we can drink of the living waters of grace flowing from the Heart of Jesus.”
~Jean-Baptiste Chautard

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