Thursday, November 17, 2016

Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

“...When honest men love objective reality, the way things actually are, and then go on to pursue the goodness of all the virtues and are sensitive to genuine beauty, they are like a starving man sitting before a banquet. He immediately sees the answers to his needs. When people who love truth, goodness and beauty hear the gospel, they spontaneously love it. This means of course that they immediately see its attractiveness and splendor, how it magnificently fulfills their human aspirations and needs. Because they are freed from I-centeredness, they are finely tuned to be receptive of reality, including divine Reality. An honest study of atheism and comparative religion makes it lucidly clear that no other worldview begins to compare with the truth-reality, the sheer beauty and holiness, the incomparable splendor of Jesus and his message throughout the Gospels. Indeed, beauty is evidence of truth.”
~Thomas Dubay

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