Saturday, December 10, 2016

Army-Navy Game

I missed the game this year but remembered the prayer from last year. It was worth re-posting...

Invocation from the Army-Navy Game 2015
“Gathered on this gridiron, we are grateful for such rough and rugged souls as these cadets and midshipmen—strong in spirit and in sinew. We are especially mindful of our first-class cadets and midshipmen bristling on the brink of becoming soldiers, sailors, marines ready today to happily visit violence on each other and if need be someday, sometime soon on the enemies of the world so that our citizens, our allies’ citizens, indeed the sane citizens of all countries can sleep safe and sound in peace. For those of us who have fought, who can fight, who will fight our country's wars, pray for peace more than those who have never served can ever know. For we willingly face the horrors from which others are thankfully spared. But, if peace on earth be not granted us in this season of our lives, then we pray, almighty God, that on these fields of friendly strife be sown the seeds that on other fields, on other days will bear the fruits of victory. Amen!”

~Chaplain Matthew Pawlikowski
(this was typed from the television – any grammatical errors are mine)

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