Monday, March 6, 2017

A Glance from the Heart

Speaking’s deadweight in the silent world of God.
A Word suffices for the architect of thought,
A glance of love for Uncreated Love.
God’s a new world, a world of shorthand: Love
Is he and Love his language. No laboured style,
No ocean of ink, no volumes of endless type.
Not even a whisper is heard in the heart of God
Where all his children sing an ecstatic song
In silence
Of timeless adoration. Love the fount
Of Being floods in everlasting speech
A Word beyond articulation, the Act
Of Being, Jesus forever clothed in Flames.
The Pillar of Fire, God’s inward joy and bond,
Creates our hearts receptive, a single lyre,
For God’s eternal Voice: the Breath of Life.
Loving says all in the silent world of God ...

~a Carthusian monk 

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