Monday, July 10, 2017

Almighty God, Whose Will Supreme

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Almighty God, whose will supreme
Made ocean’s flood with life to teem;
Part in the firmament to fly,
And part in ocean depths to lie:

Appointing fishes in the sea,
And fowls in open air to be;
That each, by origin the same,
Its separate dwelling place might claim:

Grant that thy servants by the tide
Of Blood and Water purified
No guilty fall from thee may know,
Nor death eternal undergo.

Let none despair through sin’s distress,
Be none puffed up with boastfulness;
That contrite hearts be not dismayed,
Nor haughty souls in ruin laid.

O Father, that we ask be done,
Through Jesus Christ, thine only Son;
Who, with the Holy Ghost and thee,
Doth live and reign eternally. Amen.

Text: Magnæ Deus potentiæ, attributed to Saint Gregory the Great, 540-604
Translation: William John Courthope, 1804-1885

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