Wednesday, January 6, 2016

St. André Bessette

An excerpt from a book about St. André Bessette:

“Our easy method of interpreting the Master’s doctrine was unknown to him; he was a convinced Christian, a man of action, alien to the routine religion practised by the many who follow the line of least resistance. He embraced the Gospel with loyalty and followed it to the letter, despising the ungenerous attitude of the crowd.

Let us see in his plain simple life centered on God, the model of what our lives would be, did we practise entirely the doctrines of the Master. His example becomes all the more striking in our century when relaxation is almost a matter of principle, when love of the world, of comfort, of wealth for the sake of enjoyment, when the headlong pursuit of pleasure, the brutishness of vain material occupations, the practical forgetfulness of God and a surface form of Christianity mark the lives of many who call themselves Christians.”
~Henri-Paul Bergeron

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