Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Very Thought Of Jesus Christ

The very thought of Jesus Christ
To troubled soul brings peace and cheer,
Beyond all honey and delights
It is to feel His presence near.

No sweeter Name the voice can sing,
More pleasing sound the ear finds none,
No better thought can come to mind
Than that of Jesus, God the Son.

O Jesus, joy of ev’ry heart,
True fount of life and sacred fire,
The thought of You surpasses all
Our longings and the soul’s desire.

And when You visit us unseen,
Our hearts are bathed in truth and light,
The joys of earth grow cold and dim
As love for You asserts its right.

Increase the ardor of our love,
And heal our wounds with pardon blest;
May we one day Your glory see
And ever in Your presence rest.

Christ Jesus Lord, we praise Your Name,
Beloved Son, for us You died,
But with the Spirit now You reign
For ever by the Father’s side. Amen.

Tune: Jesu, dulcis memoria, plainsong L.M.
Music: Traditional Gregorian
Text: Dulci Jesu memoria, attributed to Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, 1090-1153
Translation: the Benedictines of Saint Cecilia’s Abbey, Ryde, UK

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